CLÈO نادرة جدا

Say something, nigga.


You be blessing my twitter with that booty

Asked by Anonymous


I wanna eat you pussy and put maple syrup on your nipples and lick it off and put pizza box on ass so I can eat and hitt it from the back

Asked by Anonymous

I mean change the pizza for my famous pancakes and we can get married and live on a remote island

Can you show us your tits we really appreciate it please

Asked by Anonymous

I mean I appreciate tits too

You got a Phatty but your skinny LAWDDDDDD

Asked by Anonymous

Skinny Minnie and I ain’t from trini

Lol it's me again can you bounce your bounce your little buns on my tongue and sit on my face while I hum

Asked by Anonymous

oh my

You're gorgeous. Lemme eat your butt.

Asked by Anonymous

so get cha ass in that car, come thru

How can I send you dick pixs

Asked by Anonymous


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